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Until the last instance, the removal of opposition deputies: Mendoza Davis

Carlos Mendoza Davis, governor of Baja California Sur, announces that he will appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, for the removal of five opposition deputies in the local Congress, which has a majority made up of Morena and PT.


“Let it be clear” the government of Baja California Sur will take until the last instance the case of the removal of five opposition deputies, after a fast track “impeachment”, with which Morena “flagrantly violates the Constitution”, and it exceeds the Supreme Court, warned the state president, Carlos Mendoza Davis.

The deputies of Morena must understand that in the State Congress “public affairs are not handled on a whim. There are already two attempts that have led to literally erase the opposition. And we are not going to allow it ”, he warned

Mendoza Davis announced that he will go “again before the Judiciary. Because the rule of law and, of course, the balance between powers must prevail in a democratic regime ”.

In this case, stated the governor in an interview with Pascal Beltrán del Río, for Imagen Multicast, “there was already an express suspension of a District judge from La Paz, who had expressly ordered Congress to refrain from issuing a resolution in that political trial, and that was exactly what the deputies of Morena and the PT did ”.

He specified that three months ago they had already been dismissed, “the 8 deputies of five political parties, for” a complaint of absence, “for which he filed an appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation,” to resolve the legitimate integration of the Local Congress ”, which the highest court ruled in favor, and ordered“ the restitution of the expelled deputies in their positions ”.

But Morena, Mendoza Davis continues, “in a totalitarian, petty absurd attitude, simulates a political trial, which supposedly was presented by a citizen, and for the second time they expelled five of them and three were reprimanded.”

It is “a coup that violates the constitutional principle of representative democracy, and also completely disdains the authority of the federal Judicial Power, a District Judge and our highest court,” he remarked.

Mendoza Davis warned that, as long as the case is not resolved, he will not sign any decree or any document sent by Congress, until the Judicial Power is pronounced again, due to the irregularities in which it operates with Morena -he said-, “Seeking to retain all power”, which has unleashed the “general condemnation of the entire society.”

“There is a general demand from citizens towards the procedure of this artificial majority, which is starting to take over Congress,” he concluded.

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