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Covid unleashes hacking in the Historic Center; there are pedicabs of all kinds

Photos: David Solís and Jonás López


Groups of bicycle taxi drivers are operating on the streets of the Historic Center despite the fact that the service is still prohibited in the Mobility Law.

4 groups of pedicabs operate in the city center, authorities reported

Pedicabs have been observed in streets of the first square such as Isabel La Católica, Eje Central, the Plaza de la Constitución circuit, May 5, September 16, Bolívar, Republic of Venezuela, among others, where before the pandemic they weren’t that recurring.

The authorities have even reported problems with the operation of these vehicles, as there are complaints of invasion of the confined lane of Line 4 of the Metrobús or prohibited circulation in pedestrian streets.

Route options are currently being analyzed for pedicabs to operate.

The pedicab service has an initial fee of 30 pesos.

They also reported that in the Center of Mexico City four pedicab organizations operate They are: Aztecas del Bicentenario Bicycle Taxi, Los Mosquitos Ecological and Alternative Transport Workers Cooperative, Ecotaxi en Movimiento Palma de México and Bici Taxis Jaguares Ecológicos from CDMX.

Some of these associations have profiles on social networks or internet sites.

132 units has the organization Ciclotaxis Aztecas del Bicentenario

These are groups that have fleets of dozens of vehicles. Only Ciclotaxis Aztecas del Bicentenario broadcasts on an internet page that has 132 units.

Juan Tiahua, Ecotaxi rider in Movimiento Palma de México, indicated that the service works in a similar way to a free taxi and the fees range from 30 to 100 pesos, depending on the distance and the number of passengers.

He indicated that as part of the regularization process they were asked to apply for his driver’s license and purchase insurance for himself and his passengers.

We want our work to be legal. Although right now we are seeing that there are already many pedicabs, we have already met the requirements that the authority asked us. We want you to tell us: you already have permission, you can chamb here, “he said.

The pedicab service is still prohibited in the Historic Center, although before the covid-19 pandemic there were work groups to seek to regulate this service, which could be a sustainable mobility option in perimeter A and B, authorities indicated.

Meanwhile, the Historic Center Authority (ACH) reported that, in coordination with the Mobility Secretariat (Semovi), carry out tours and analysis to create route options for cycle taxis and their operation can be more orderly during the health contingency.

Today, together with the Semovi team, we coordinated a tour of the streets of the Historic Center to analyze the route options for the transit of bicycle taxis, ”said Dunia Ludlow, head of the ACH, on August 13 on his Twitter account.