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Club Piscine Super Fitness gives $ 132,464 to the Breakfast Club –

Thanks to a significant mobilization of its network of franchisees in Quebec and Ontario, 1% of furniture and gazebos sales for the month of July enabled Club Piscine Super Fitness to donate $ 132,464 to the Breakfast Club for the start of the school year. school.

“We know that with the pandemic, the needs of the Club were all the greater, and by the nature of their mission, our commitment was essential,” says Marketing Director at Club Piscine Super Fitness Véronique Dion. Our philanthropic mission is to help young people in need and their families. This is also why we have also been associated with Opération Enfant Soleil for 9 years. ”

Remember that Club Piscine Super Fitness donated $ 70,000 to this organization during the last telethon.

“In the context, we are aware that we are among the privileged,” adds Ms. Dion. This association with the Breakfast Club aims to show our gratitude for the situation, but especially to benefit those who need it most. This year alone, close to $ 400,000 was given in donations in our local communities, especially for children and families here. ”

“Since the start of this crisis, we have seen magnificent examples of solidarity everywhere,” underlines the general manager of the Breakfast Club Tommy Kulczyk. Families, organizations, schools, businesses: everyone sticks together and helps each other, because together we can do it. Club Piscine understood this well and we thank them for supporting the Club and for helping to continue to take care of the children, one meal at a time. “

(Source: Club Piscine Super Fitness)