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Eugenio Derbez reveals his daughter Aislinn and calls her: “Dead of hunger”

Some days ago, Aislinn derbez He surprised his famous father with a video in which he assured that the years are already noticeable, so the actor took revenge and left his daughter in evidence.

The fun never ends at the Derbez family’s house, as two of its members have shown it again. And it is that, with a video that was shared during the week on social networks, the protagonist of “A la mala” showed that the age of the Hollywood actor is beginning to be noticed, who apparently fell asleep in a armchair while sending messages with the cell phone.

I’m tired, leave me alone. What age? I’m going to take revenge on you, I’m going to catch you asleep so they can see what cinnamon is“The patriarch of the Derbez is heard saying annoyed in the video that already exceeds 5 million views within TikTok.

But just as he noticed, this Sunday it was Eugene, and with a funny video he took revenge by exposing his daughter, whom he complained about for not buying new socks:

To be taken away from you. Yesterday he grabbed me asleep and made fun of me, who was already old because I fell asleep, here the starving woman who doesn’t even have to buy some socks. I’m starving and buy yourself some new socks, it can’t be“Said the actor in the video that quickly went viral on different social networks.