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Hathaway and Lacroix win: Dumoulin 5th and 7th – l’hebdo journal

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin had an appointment at Flamboro Speedway this weekend to compete in two events. Jason Hathaway and Kevin Lacroix each won race, while the Trifluvien took the 7e and the 5e square.

In the first duel, Hathaway won ahead of Lacroix, while Brett Taylor completed the podium. Alex Tagliani, back on track, finished at the foot of the podium while Louis-Philippe Dumoulin took the 7e echelon.

During the second test (4e of the season), Lacroix turned the tables, winning ahead of Hathaway. JR Fitzpatrick finished at 3e rank. Veteran DJ Kennington finished close to the podium, while Dumoulin followed in 5e place in front of Tagliani.