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How is edible gold made?

A pizza with this ingredient can fetch a price of $ 2,000.

Photo: STR / AFP / Getty Images

Surely you have already heard that there are restaurants that prepare dishes and desserts with real gold. And it is that, although you do not believe it, gold can actually be eaten without any problem. In fact, in the Industry Kitchen restaurant, in New York, a pizza is sold that has gold among its ingredients, and that has a value of $ 2,000 dollars, according to Mashed.

But, while you are probably curious to try this eccentricity, you are probably also wondering: how is edible gold made?

To make edible gold, the following process is carried out: the metal is melted in a furnace and then poured into a bar-shaped mold and then cool it down.

Any imperfections in the bar are hammered to create an even thickness and then rolled into a thinner bar.

After this, it is heated, cut and hammered a bit more to make the sheets as thin or paper-thin.

Edible gold can be 23 or 24 karat. According to the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Whitney Linsenmeyer, gold is biologically inert, therefore it does not break down during normal digestive processes. The gold that a person eats is excreted from the body as waste.

With this in mind, nutrition expert Deborah Orlick says that gold is safe to eat, although it should be noted that it has no health benefits.

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