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How much you could earn working at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant

Customers often spend a lot of time at this restaurant, which generally translates to a better tip.

Photo: Rick Diamond / Getty Images

As in most restaurants, the earnings of the workers at this location depend mainly on tips. The advantage of Buffalo Wild Wings is that customers typically spend up to three hours ordering a lot of food and drink, which generally translates to a better tip, as reported in Mashed.

A former employee of this chain said that a waiter can earn up to $ 300 a day. Of course, this amount could vary due to the location, the time of the shift and the relationship that the worker establishes with the clients.

It should be noted that not all jobs at Buffalo Wild Wings are tipped, so cooks have a salary of $ 11.84 per hour, while managers earn a salary of between $ 49,000 and 67,000 a year.

So now you know, if you are looking for a job, it may be convenient for you to search this chain, if the profit you could obtain here seems attractive.

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