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Indignant because they don’t greet me?


No no no. I am not referring to any lack of courtesy from some rude who do not return the greeting.

It is something much worse and we owe it all to the coronavirus.

Do not tell me that since last March when we entered the quarantine and began to use masks, masks or whatever you want to call them, this does not happen to you that I am going to tell you.

It turns out that you are in the depths of your good manners whenever you see someone you know of course greets you.

How are you? He tells them from a distance, with signs and even with his voice, or if he is not close to anyone, a “Hello” said to the social distance that the virus requires us to have is enough.

And what happens?.

Well, they do not return the greeting!

And you stay as I have been: frozen at the rudeness of people I know well and who are usually very polite and return the greeting.

It happened to me at the entrance of the office with a cameraman with whom I have worked on countless occasions, I immediately said to myself:

What happens? Did I unintentionally do something to him that made him withdraw my greeting?

The man walked on leaving me speechless.

I was annoyed thinking about the contempt of that rude man who left me with the greeting in the mouth. I didn’t find any reason until several days later when a laughing friend told me her story.

“It has happened to me so many times,” he said, “that until now I realize what is happening … I greet and salute and nobody answers me, but it is for the simplest of reasons: nobody recognizes us with the mask on!”

It’s the same thing that happened to me! I asked him how he found the answer to such an enigma.

“Simple. It just happened to me. I entered my office and I realized that a person was greeting me effusively, since I did not know her I did not pay the slightest attention and I continued on my way. Later, as I ran into her in the bathroom, and after the ‘Hi, how are you?’ She told me: ‘now if you greet me because you recognized me, but a while ago you ignored me even though I was waving your hand so you would realize that it was me.’ I had to tell her that with the mask on, I couldn’t see that it was her and to apologize. “

That is the simple reason for the confusion that the blessed mask, face shields and other devices that we use to defend ourselves from the coronavirus cause us!

I immediately ran to the mirror to see myself.

You are right. Those who confuse us are absolutely right, and the more careful we are, the worse. I explain. If you are like me, who wears a mask, goggles or a full face shield -which gives a total reflection that prevents clarity in sight- and incidentally if you are myopic like me, then yes it is in Chinese to decipher whose it is about. But do not get mad. In any case, if you are interested, talk to the one who does not return the greeting and tell him how I have done since I realized:

“Fulanita, menganito, I’m perenganita under all this covered with fabrics and plastics.”

Now, if after the clarifications they continue to deny the greeting, that is no longer a simple confusion.

But there is no more. Masks and face and eye protectors are the only effective instruments to control that the pandemic continues to spread, more clearly: that you and I infect us or we infect and not using them is not only risk but irresponsible.

But don’t be upset or worried if you are not greeted. Who can recognize us under such protection?

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