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ISSSTE staff in Torreón protests at the lack of COVID-19 supplies and tests

The National Union of Workers of the General Hospital of the ISSSTE of Torreón, Dr. Francisco Galindo Chávez, protested this Monday in a peaceful manner to denounce the lack of supplies to attend the health contingency due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in addition to the diagnostic tests of COVID-19 is being done to health personnel “on a drip” even though they are being infected “not one at a time, but ten because the tests are not being done properly.”

Salvador Sepúlveda Zamarripa, local delegate of Section 11 pointed out that several of the workers have had to resort to private laboratories to have samples taken at a cost and added that so far in the coronavirus pandemic, at least 120 people from this clinic have tested positive for the disease. It includes doctors, nurses, and those employees who were eventually hired in this public health emergency.

The union leader indicated that of the total number of infected, there are currently around 20 active cases.

“We are requesting the support of the authorities at the national level to send us material because we know that what we are receiving is little, we have received donations from other institutions but it is insufficient because here, in the General Hospital, there are many cases” , he claimed.

They added that there is also poor attention from the Head of Human Resources, Ana Celia Machado Navarro, since “she is easily annoyed when one asks her some questions but is bothered by ignorance not knowledge.”

He indicated that they will work under protest with the intention of not affecting the services provided to the beneficiaries or to the personnel who work in this health institution.

For his part, Rafael Álvarez Uribe, a worker in this health unit for 22 years, added that after expressing his disagreement, retaliation has been taken against him by the general management in charge of Alejandro Gómez Alvarado, such as the change shift.

In the same way, he indicated that his wife, who suffers from cancer and who is Head of Services in the Specialists area, was asked to return to her work even when the hospital deconversion guide indicates vulnerable people within the considerations, that people with this disease should return to work until the epidemiologist risk traffic light turns green.

Finally, Sepúlveda Zamarripa assured that at the national level, the state of Coahuila continues to have an orange indicator but that in this entity, the authorities have already changed it to yellow, so different actions are being implemented.

The protest was made on the median located on Calzada Colón and Avenida Allende in this municipality minutes after 10:30 am on this day.