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López Obrador reiterates commitment in Pasta de Conchos

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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, expressed his wish that the relatives of the 65 miners who died in the explosion of the Pasta de Conchos mine in 2006, reach an agreement to rescue the remains of the victims and that it be possible to do Justice.

After holding a private meeting with the relatives of the trapped miners, President López Obrador wrote on his social networks that he ratified his commitment to return the remains of their loved ones to the families.

We met with the families of the workers who were buried in the Pasta de Conchos mine. The purpose is to fulfill the commitment to rescue the bodies and analyze other options to do justice. They will decide, hopefully by consensus, “reads the president’s message.

For her part, the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde, explained to the media that she was considering giving compensation of more than 3.7 million pesos to each of the families affected by the tragedy, as well as the construction of a memorial at the scene of the explosion to “never forget what happened” almost 15 years ago.

According to the official, the compensation and the construction of the memorial would not exempt the efforts made to rescue the remains of the trapped miners, which according to experts would take four more years.

After several months of doing all the gas, water and conditions tests, more or less terms and costs of the rescue were established. With this information in a transparent way, the families are presented with the possibility of whether we continue in this way or, there is an alternative that there we can make a memorial so that they never forget what happened and also that we can proceed with the compensation, compensation does not exclude the other, “said Mayor Luján at the end of the two-hour meeting.

In the case of the one who was the wife of one of the trapped miners, Reyes Cuevas Silva, who attended the meeting with the president, said that the ideal would be for the Government of the Republic to first make the attempt to rescue the human remains of everyone who got caught.

The next step would be – he said – the memorial and compensation.

First is the rescue, then the rest comes, first is the rescue, they were not dogs to leave them there, we want the rescue, “said the widow and mother of 4 children, Tomasita Martínez, who acknowledged that no authority had offered them any compensation for damages suffered.

By mid-September of this year there will be a new meeting with the President of the Republic to find out whether or not the miners’ relatives reached an agreement on the procedure to rescue the bodies and whether or not they accept the compensation offered by the Government of the Republic.

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