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The best ally to lose weight and prevent diabetes: Have an early and light dinner

Eating early dinner is an important health habit, it is a key measure in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and obesity

Set schedules in main meals is an important measure to lose weight and also to benefit the process of digestion. Some years ago the belief about negative effects of dining, especially for its relationship with him weight gain; however it has been proven that dining is not counterproductive, those responsible are the amounts of food and the schedule.

Taking into account the statements of various specialists in medicine and nutrition, dinner time directly influences the metabolic capacity. Based on this, it has been proven that the key to success lies in the following: space out dinner time as much as possible with rest time. This simple custom is related to immense benefits that they benefit health and quality of life. Although nutritionists recommend performing 4 main meals a day, emphasize on the importance of having an early dinner, or not go to sleep immediately after doing so.

What does science say?

To begin with, it is important to mention that the body works differently in the day and at night. In other words, the human body is managed according to a biological clock that regulates sleep and wake cycles, according to the hours of the day. What is extremely interesting is that diverse studies have determined that each person It has not just a biological clock, but a series of them in the different organs In a certain way the human organism not ready to eat at night and hence certain problems arise for properly metabolize food. This is because according to the general biological clock, starting at 7 pm the organism prepares for rest.

Although there are several factors directly related to body weight, as are the eating habits and level of physical activity; Natural way metabolism follows a rhythm. It is because of that the enzymatic and digestive system are ready to receive food in certain time ranges. Based on this, it is easier to understand the reason why one of the main and most effective measures to prevent chronic diseases and enjoy a healthy weight, lies in basing the eating and sleeping patterns at that rate.

It is worth mentioning that problems appear when dinner late and in large quantities becomes part of daily customs and life. Not by doing it in a special night with friends, the truth is that dining late is a habit that results in Metabolic diseases very serious as is the case of diabetes and obesity.

What happens when you have a late dinner and sleep right after:

It has various studies and references that prove the direct relationship that exists between have dinner and immediately sleep, with an increase in the probability of develop metabolic syndrome.

On the medicinal benefits of early light dinner:

  • Eating early is a great health habit that not only improves digestion, it is related to a 20% lower risk of certain types of cancerr, as is that of prostate and breast.
  • At the same time it is directly related to a better sleep quality, this is because the body can focus on resting, instead of using all the energy to go through the digestion process.