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‘They already saw that it is real’, so they rob two combis in 10 minutes and shoot the passenger


Videos spread on social networks capture two subjects violently assaulting to passengers of two combis in the State of Mexico. The illicit occur with a difference of ten minutes.

One of them wears a sweatshirt on red color and his accomplice black sweatshirt. In the first video captured at 6:26 p.m. it is observed that they demand their belongings from the users.

Camera, cell phones, cell phones… your cell phone, my girl, don’t make sure you don’t bring ”, one of them says to one of the passengers, while his accomplice pulls out a gun and threatens them ‘I’m not coming to play’.

After a few seconds, the criminals descend after threatening the driver ‘normal, normal, nothing happened here’.

Ten minutes later, at 4:36 p.m. the criminals had already boarded another unit, as can be seen in a second video also broadcast on social networks.

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On this occasion, more aggressive, they began to demand cell phones and wallets from passengers.

I want you to go relaxed, you already saw that it is real, eh ”, says the assailant dressed in a red sweatshirt while pointing the gun at them.

His accomplice sits on one side of the door and hits one of the passengers, who is shot in the stomach by the other subject to intimidate the users.

In addition, they threaten the driver of the combi to circulate faster, ‘lying, eh lying’, while the injured is thrown to the ground between groans.

“We bring the shot up,” these guys continue to say, while the passengers hand over their valuables.

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They also ask the driver for his cell phone, ‘Camera the cell phone, my boy, don’t be crazy, I know where you live, in Guards ”.

In both cases, the events were captured by the video surveillance cameras of the public transport units.

‘Okay go…, that happened to you because… ”, one of the criminals tells him before getting off the public transport unit.

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