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They investigate the discovery of 500 packages of marijuana in Sinaloa

The delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic investigates the discovery of 500 packages perfectly made with cinnamon adhesive tape, weighing two and a half tons of marijuana, which were abandoned on the banks of the Culiacán River that crosses the state capital.

According to the first evaluations of the contents of the packages, which were stacked in a weedy area on the edge of the Villas del Río subdivision, in the north-western part of the city, the marijuana was rotten, presumably due to excess humidity.

During one of the supervisory tours of the area, elements of the police discovered that a large number of packages were stacked on the banks of the Culiacán River, perfectly made and tied with tan adhesive tape, so when verifying their content they were they realized it was marijuana.

The agents guarded the area and notified the staff of the delegation of the Attorney General’s Office of the discovery, who attested to the facts, collected evidence and took the 500 packages to their facilities to open an investigation folder.

Last weekend, in a parcel company, located on Industrial del Valle street in the Canacintra Dos Industrial Park, federal investigation agents with the canine binomial discovered 33 packages with content characteristic of marijuana.

The packages, presumably weighing 500 kilos of marijuana, were secured and the Federal Public Ministry opened an investigation folder for the finding.