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This new Mercedes camper seems out of science fiction, it has it all

There are camperized vehicles that provide a unique travel experience, as they have all the amenities that make us feel as if we were at home. However, there is a Mercedes sprinter Modified that this experience has been leveled up and that it seems worthy of movies like Mad Max or Jurassic Park, because it looks remarkably imposing.

It’s about the Bruce Banner 4 × 4 SAS Sprinter Van, a beast 4 × 4 literally conceived so that nothing will stop it. It has a very special and extreme preparation that any adventure lover will want to drive around.

The Bruce Banner 4 × 4 is characterized by being a comfortable and effective portable home to go camping, and at the same time, it becomes a first class off-road vehicle capable of competing with the biggest stars in this segment.

According to information from Daily motor, this vehicle is a bespoke camperization made on a Mercedes Sprinter long wheelbase and rear-wheel drive, which also includes a number of modifications, such as the fact that the entire body has been lifted from two DANA axles with differential locks, suspensions FOX Racing off-road, 4 × 4 traction and capacity to mount 37-inch TT tires !. To this is added a winch with towing capacity for 5.44 tons or reinforced underbody to protect the impacts, performing the same task on the bodywork and its most exposed areas with specific metal bumpers and plastic protections.

Among the main amenities that this Mercedes luxury campervan has, we find a new intake system with snorkel, supportive exterior LED lighting system, additional 106-liter diesel tank for heating, hot water or the interior kitchen , complete integrated bathroom with 152 liters of drinking water and on-board electrical network with 600 Ah support and capacity for a maximum of 4 people.