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What to do if you test positive for breath alcohol while driving

The mixture of alcohol and cars It is not a good combination, since the responsibility of driving a car is not something to be taken lightly, especially when you are partying and have decided to have a few glasses of alcohol. Although you should not drive in this state, there are those who decide to do so, exposing their lives and that of other drivers or pedestrians around them.

However, there are also those who drive a vehicle without having tasted a drop of alcohol, come across a breathalyzer test and it turns out that they have tested positive. Obviously the first reaction is one of uncertainty and surprise, but if at any time you go through something like this, here we tell you what you can do.

First of all, you should not be alarmedKeep calm and do not get excited, if you are totally sure that you have not drunk alcohol, then you will get out of the situation well. According to information from Daily motor, there are 3 actions that you can request in case of going through such a situation.

one. First, after a positive result from the portable ethyl meter, a second test in the police van using another ethylometer, called evidential, with greater precision, and always after a time interval greater than 10 minutes.

two. If the second test was also positive, you will be sanctioned, although you can request that they transfer you to the nearest health center to have a blood test whose expenses you will have to cover to prove that you have not drunk alcohol.

3. If the blood test is negative, those expenses would be returned to you, and obviously you would not be penalized, as you will have proven your innocence and regained your credibility as a responsible driver.