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“Covid-19 is there, but cancer is too”: This disease is diagnosed late due to the pandemic

Olatz Vázquez opened her heart on Twitter, telling her story, hoping that other people would not live what she

One of the great health problems that the coronavirus pandemic has brought is that many people, for fear of getting infected, decide not to go to the doctor or hospital despite having some discomfort that could lead to another more serious disease, or that health centers have decided to delay consulting and medical examinations precisely to avoid contagion among their patients.

Both events can have fatal consequences, as has happened to a 26-year-old Spanish woman named Olatz Vázquez, who on Twitter has narrated the terrible medical negligence of which she has been a victim because of the coronavirus.

Turns out to be In early 2019, Olatz, who is a journalist and photographer, began to feel a sharp pain in her abdomen, So he decided to consult a doctor, who, due to his age, did not give it much importance and only prescribed some painkillers to lessen the discomfort.

But things didn’t get better, so in February of this year he decided to go to another doctor in his native Euskadi, which sent him to do blood tests that showed that he was a little anemic and with low B-12; however, they did not give it much importance either. Still, to make sure, A gastroscopy was scheduled for April 22.

But a month earlier, people from the lab called to inform him that, Due to the health alert derived from the covid-19, they had to reschedule the study for June 9. Despite the fact that she insisted that it be done as soon as possible, the lab told her that she was a healthy woman and therefore, she shouldn’t have to worry.

However, her health was deteriorating to such a degree that on June 7 she had to be taken from the emergency room to a hospital, where at first she was diagnosed with “extreme laziness”; They also carried out other studies until her case was transferred to a gynecologist, who determined that her situation could be somewhat more serious.

The sad reality: a cancer that was diagnosed already advanced

Finally, after a year and a half of waiting, eOn June 9, they performed a gastroscopy, with which the doctors discovered that he had several tumorized ulcers on his stomach. The subsequent biopsy revealed that Olatz had cancer and that it had metastasized, so it was urgent to put it in the hands of an oncologist.

“More than two months later and two cycles of chemotherapy behind me, I still do not understand how the young factor is decisive to rule out if you have a serious disease”, laments Olatz.

“Covid-19 is there, but so is cancer, and an early diagnosis is the best cure for this disease,” he added.

Loneliness, the hardest thing he has had to live

Precisely due to the issue of the pandemic, this woman has had to go through her chemotherapy process completely alone, since her mother is not allowed to accompany her and she cannot receive visits from family or friends.

Fortunately, she has found an association that, through video calls, answers her questions and gives her all the emotional support that she so badly needs at this time, which allows her to be optimistic, thinking positively that she will overcome this terrible disease.

Regarding whether or not she will report possible medical negligence, she is still not very clear, since she understands certain things that happened with her due to the health emergency that Spain is going through.