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New traffic lights on Boulevard de Rome –

New traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of boul. de Rome and avenues Sartre and Trépanier, in Brossard. The contract, in the amount of $ 528,598, was awarded to the company Systèmes Urbains on August 25.

“The intersection of Rome / Sartre / Trépanier is currently managed by stop signs, can we read in the documents of the City. However, standards of the Ministry of Transport indicate that a main approach should not be managed by a stop if it has more than two lanes of traffic in each direction. In order to comply with the standards and make the intersection safer, two solutions are possible: either by adding traffic lights, or by reducing the width of the road. “

As the reduction in the width of the road is not recommended, in order to ensure continuity of the developments in the axis of Rome and to synchronize the traffic lights, the City has favored the installation of new traffic lights.

“This development will make it possible to secure the crossing of pedestrians and cyclists as well as to regulate the movement of motorists. Given the proximity of adjacent intersections, it will be possible to coordinate them in order to reduce stops and improve traffic flow on the boulevard. ”

Work should begin in the second week of September.

No repaving for Rome

The adoption of another contract concerning boul. de Rome was on the agenda for the August 25 council meeting. However, faced with opposition from some of the advisers, the vote was requested and the point rejected.

The contract, valued at close to $ 1.5 million, covered the leveling and paving of the boulevard, between boul. du Quartier and Niagara Street, as well as Ignace Street.

“In my opinion, it is not necessary, at this stage, to redo the paving on this section of boul. of Rome, which is far from having the necessary wear and tear for that, said councilor Antoine Assaf. There are streets all over the city that are in much greater need of emergency response. ”

“If we had been offered the boul. from Rome between Niagara and Taschereau, that would have been another matter, ”added Claudio Benedetti, who agreed with his colleague.

“Redoing the streets for the whole of a city like Brossard requires a very strategic approach, in order to minimize costs and succeed in having a long-term performance on all the streets,” Christian Gaudette said, positioning itself in favor of the planned work. This strategy was put in place very clearly last year, and we are currently evolving with this approach. ”

Faced with the lack of unanimity on the point, Councilor Sylvie DesGroseilliers asked for the vote. The point was rejected seven to three.

“We have seven elected officials who do not agree. This is the democratic process in action, concluded Mayor Doreen Assaad. I respect that. ” (GM)