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The new stimulus package would be approved next week

Senator Mitch McConnell is seeking an agreement with the Trump Administration.


Republicans in the Senate are preparing to pass the new stimulus package next week.

Congressmen led by Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) indicated that it is a “focused” and “directed” plan to address the economic consequences caused by the pandemic, but without considering all the aspects proposed by Democrats.

The Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, and the White House chief of staff, Mark MeadowsThey will meet again by telephone with the Republicans to approve the plan.

“We have a focused and targeted solution that we hope the House will pass and the House will agree,” said the chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, John barrasso (Wyoming), to Lisa Desjardins, correspondent for PBS NewsHour.

The information emerged after an early meeting in which Barroso was.

“(The plan) focused on getting people back to work, getting children back to school,” said the congressman.

He stated that the extended proposals, which increase the package up to $ 2.2 billion dollars promoted by the Speaker of the House, Nancy pelosi (California), would not be covered.

Barroso also did not make it clear if the Republicans’ “reduced” package includes the $ 1,200 direct to families, since in the first plans revealed by McConnell it was not contemplated.

On Friday, The Chief of Staff stated that President Donald Trump would be willing to sign a $ 1.3 trillion plan, if Democrats agree, but leader Pelosi indicated they will push for at least the $ 2.2 trillion, not the original $ 3 trillion of the HEROES Act.