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They issue a new arrest warrant against Javier Duarte

A judge of the local jurisdiction in the state of Veracruz reported that there is an arrest warrant against the former governor of the entity, Javier Duarte de Ochoa, for the forced disappearance of former police officer David Lara Cruz.

The Court of Criminal Procedure and Process in the State of Veracruz with residence in Xalapa communicated this to the Sixth District Judge of Amparo in Criminal Matters before whom Duarte processed a trial of guarantees with which he sought to confirm if there is a new arrest warrant in his against.

According to the judicial courts, in the amparo file 212/2020, the Veracruz court confirmed the existence of criminal case number 103/2018 for which Javier Duarte is accused of forced disappearance to the detriment of David Lara Cruz, a crime for the one who issued an arrest warrant against the former state president.

The amparo judge determined to notify of this to those who have the right to repair the damage derived from the forced disappearance of the former police officer Lara Cruz to appear at the trial in which Duarte requested protection against any order of appearance, presentation, location and arrest.