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Your car’s touch screen is three times dirtier than a toilet, study finds

Higher RLU readings mean very high levels of dirt and germs

This 2020 new ways of life and most of the people have become more aware of the germs that surround our daily lives. most or all of us have acquired new cleaning or hygiene habits this year.

However, there are still parts of the car that we normally overlook and forget to clean. A recent study by Compare the Market discovered the five dirtiest parts of a car’s interior.

The study carried out by Compare the Marke involved testing ten different vehicles using high-end surface test swabs and computer systems to determine Relative Light Units (RLUs). Then an RLU reading is compared to the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) collected during the swab.

In other words, the dirtier the test area, the greater the amount of ATP, resulting in a higher RLU reading.

Higher RLU readings mean levels of dirt and germs very tall.

Surprisingly, the results indicated that the dirtiest area of ​​a car is the stereo or infotainment screen. Second was the gear lever, racking up an RLU reading 331 percent higher than the porcelain throne.

This study serves as a helpful reminder to frequently clean and disinfect the entire interior of the car, not forgetting any.


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