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Ash trees and other species: cutting down trees that amaze you –

Émilie Delvoye and her family were woken up to the sound of chainsaws on the morning of August 19. Workers were busy cutting large trees on the back lots of their property and that of their neighbors, on rue de Bergerac, in the arrondissement. of Vieux-Longueuil. While the felling of ash trees made inevitable due to the devastation caused by the borer is well known, the citizen was surprised to note that other species of trees have passed through the teeth of chain saws.

“Magnificent trees, some 30 or 40 inches in diameter, are falling one after the other. And these are not ash trees, ”the citizen told the newspaper, while the felling was in progress, on August 21.

These took place over a few days.

“We settled here because the contact with the trees makes us feel good. We are in mourning because of the loss of our ash trees, and the City decides to raze the others, all the other species, to which we have become attached, ”she continues.

Ms. Delvoye is not the only one to be concerned about these cuts. A neighbor stepped up to the Town, which has since sent a letter to residents of the area.

“They apparently only remove diseased ash and elm trees, which I strongly question given the massive cuts, including some of trees that clearly look healthy,” said the citizen.

In the greening plan

coupe arbres 3On the interactive map listing current and upcoming ash tree felling sites, this wooded area near Boismenu Park and boul. Roberval Est is well identified.

The City of Longueuil confirms to Southern Mail that elms and poplars “which presented an advanced state of decline were cut in order to ensure the safety of the land”.

Buckthorns, an invasive species, were also cut.

The municipal administration also confirms the gradual reforestation works that are planned in the area. They will start this year and run over the next several years.

Last fall, the City announced that it would have to continue cutting ash trees affected by the borer until 2020. From 2014 to 2020, 19,000 ash trees will have disappeared from the Longueuil landscape.

The City had announced at that time a greening plan which was to be intensified this year.

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