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Being too tall can be a big problem when buying a car – see why

Two of the cars Richters would like to own are a Corvette C8 and the Nissan GT-R

There are many problems and obstacles to buying a vehicle, these can be solved by looking for better prices, faster cars, with small or large engines, but very rarely do you have problems finding a car where you fit.

Oliver Richters known as The Dutch Giant published on his YouTube channel, the way in which he is looking for a vehicle that can accommodate his height of more than two meters.

Two of the cars Richters would like to have are a Corvette c8 and the Nissan gt-r. However, due to her stature and physique, neither of these cars will fit.

The Dutch Giant, He is the tallest actor and bodybuilder in the world, measuring 7 ″ 2 and weighing 342 pounds. Aside from his training schedule and work schedule, Richters was looking for a car that getting in and out of is not that difficult.

The adventure started at a dealership Ford where only the Mustang GT convertible could provide ample space. While he also visited Polestar, Chevrolet and Maserati To see what was offered, it seems your best option is a Cadillac.

Here we leave the video so you can see all the journey that Richters had to go through in order to choose a car where he travels comfortably.


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