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Bodies are not delivered to family members in Edomex for this procedure


Owners of funeral homes that serve the Tultitlán area came out last Monday to protest in the streets. The protesters claimed that it is very difficult to get death certificates.

The owners of the funeral homes said they must protect bodies due to the lack of certificates since this is an unavoidable procedure to deliver the bodies to relatives.

A group of the owners of these funeral homes met with the head of the jurisdiction of this area, with Mrs. Nadia Moreno who told them that she recognizes that they are overrun.

He explained to them that it is the Federal Ministry of Health that delivers the death certificates and that due to the size of the pandemic they have a delay in issuing death certificates.

Yesterday the Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico confirmed Image News that the health emergency due to the coronavirus caused the calculation of the number of deaths in the entity to be exceeded.

The agency clarified that it is the Federal Ministry of Health that issues and distributes death certificates to the states.

The SS recognizes that the procedures are becoming complicated not only in Edomex but throughout the country and that they are taking steps to obtain death certificates.

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