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Delgado points out that the opposition ‘lost two years without moches’

The coordinator of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado Carrillo, when setting a position in the General Congress session and after hearing the claims of the position for what they called the insufficiencies of the federal government in the health emergency, the fall of the economy and the A problem of public safety, he said that he understood why they talk about two lost years: “They are surely referring to the time without the moches they were used to.”

He noted: “I understand the right when it talks about two lost years, surely they refer to the time without moches to which they were accustomed; they bring – he added – gunpowder on their skin, due to the cannon shots they received in the energy reform.”

He said that “the pandemic exposed a health system sick due to corruption,” and assured that despite the National Health System being “so fragile,” there is attention to the health emergency.

On the platform, which was also uploaded by the members of his bench present in the session hall, at the opening session of the session, Delgado Carrillo addressed a message in which he included a tribute to Health workers, “to the heroes of our times, who without limits take care of us in this pandemic, “and expressed the solidarity of his group with the families of the victims, he said.

In contrast to corruption, he pointed out that the President of the Republic has led austerity, and in two years Morena in Congress has voted on the reforms of the fourth transformation, he said, and described this new legal framework, as the own Andrés Manuel López Obrador “a new Constitution in accordance with the will of the people”, and with it “a regeneration of public life is under way.”

He said that, in effect, the economy requires everyone’s support, and that is why he will re-present the reform to cut the financing of political parties by half.

The adjustment was considered as “an ethical imperative, since not all families can be allowed to live a difficult situation, the government tightens its belt and political parties cannot.”

He argued that the poverty driven by previous governments has generated poverty, backwardness, marginalization and deaths. In this regard, the proposal of the President of the Republic is to eradicate it completely, and for this, “we begin by making corruption a serious crime in the Constitution, something you never saw, and that they return what was stolen to the people.” Also, he added, “the compadre President is over.”