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District of Iberville: Sylvie Parent asks for a by-election –

The executive committee of the City of Longueuil adopted a resolution addressed to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH) asking that a by-election be held in the district of Iberville. It will be submitted to the city council on September 15.

When a councilor position is to be filled and the quorum is maintained, the Minister must exercise her power to fix the date of the poll by the end of 2020 for the holding of a by-election in the winter. 2021, according to ministry guidelines.

The Ministry’s website also mentions that the Minister may order the date of the poll “following discussions with the municipality”, which encourages, among other things, the executive committee to send such a resolution.

“It is important to speak with one voice by clearly expressing to the population of the district and to the government of Quebec our desire to fill the vacant position in d’Iberville by holding an election as soon as possible,” said Ms. Parent, by way of release. I therefore invite the members of the council to unanimously support the resolution of the executive to ensure that the ball is henceforth in the court of the MAMH and the Minister. ”

At the last meeting of the municipal council, different interpretations of the MAMH directives clashed, while the elected representatives of the opposition demanded an intervention of Mrs. Parent with the MAMH in favor of the holding of a by-election.

According to information from the registry service, the municipality should have waited for indications from the MAMH.

For municipalities where the position of mayor is to be filled, or in cases where there is no quorum, the by-elections will be held on October 4.

The post of councilor has been vacant since Eric Beaulieu resigned in February. (AD)