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Generation challenge against COVID: municipal councilors are working for the cause –

By Katherine Harvey-Pinard

After the CEOs of the various CISSSs in Montérégie, it is the turn of municipal councilors to set an example by taking part in the Generation Challenge against COVID.

Xavier Léger, municipal councilor of Longueuil, has been one of the organizing members of the Challenge since the very beginning, 5 years ago.

“I came back there because someone in my family, who is unfortunately no longer with us today, needed these services,” he explains. At first, they were looking for people who knew a lot of people to get involved in the promotion. With my position in Ville de Longueuil, I volunteered. ”

He formed a team with colleagues from City Hall, who invited friends and family to join them. Last year, they raised about $ 4,000. They want to exceed that amount this year.

“This year, it’s a little different because we can’t do the Challenge everyone together, but the essential remains,” said Léger. The values ​​of the hospital, mutual aid, patient support… It remains just as important, if not more, because at a time when we cannot be united, we must find ways to be so without it. to really be. “

The leader of the official opposition in Longueuil also says he is very “proud” to see the four hospital foundations unite this year for the same cause.

“It’s exemplary and out of the ordinary. I salute the work that has been done to bring all these people together. We know that sometimes, in the industry, everyone fights for their little slice of pizza, but then everyone is gathered on the same table and it’s really nice to see, ”he says.

Losing weight for a good cause

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Châteauguay municipal councilor Éric Allard

Éric Allard, municipal councilor of Châteauguay, also set up a team with three of his colleagues. This is their first participation in the Défi for them, who will raise funds for the Anna-Laberge Foundation.

“The Anna-Laberge Hospital is a monument in Châteauguay,” he says. It is exceedingly important. My children were born there, so I will always have an important connection with him. ”

He and his colleagues have set themselves the goal of walking 300 km. At the same time, it’s the perfect opportunity to “lose weight”, he laughs.

“We all suffered from COVID while staying at home! We have to catch up. It’s a good cause and a good excuse! ” he adds.

The team has already exceeded its goal of $ 1,000 in donations; she has raised $ 1,370 so far.