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How reversible is a vasectomy?

We commonly think that the effects of a vasectomy are permanent and irreversible, but this may change if we consider the use of vasectomy. vasovasostomy, which is a surgery that corrects what was done by vasectomy. Here we will talk a little more about the subject.

About vasectomy

According to the newspaper ABC, vasectomy is a procedure that interrupts the passage of sperm through the vas deferens, a tube that propels sperm out from contractions in smooth muscle.

The vasectomy It lasts approximately 20 minutes, and has a fairly comfortable post-operative period for the patient, with a reduced number of discomfort in the first 24 hours after the procedure, and mild discomfort the next day that disappear almost immediately.

Is vasectomy reversible?

A common myth about vasectomy is that it is an irreversible procedure that cannot be undone. This is a myth that is no longer valid today due to the existence of vasovasostomy, which causes the effects of vasectomy are reversible.

Specifically, vasovasostomy is a procedure that rechannels the patient’s vas deferens and that they had been cut by the vasectomy. With this recanalization, the patient thus regains his fertility and his ability to have biological children.

Although vasovasostomy cannot restore fertility to all men who have undergone vasectomy, it is a surgery that can help a large percentage of them since this surgery has a 90% effectiveness rate.

The vasovasostomy is capable of reverse the effects of many of the vasectomies performed, so it is a fairly effective surgery. That said, you can consider vasovasostomy an ideal procedure if you want to take action again on your Health reproductive.

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