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Low-priced steroids reduce risk of death in critically ill coronavirus patients

Clinical studies revealed that a number of low-priced steroids have been crucial in treating coronavirus patients in a state of gravity.

The World Health Organization recommended this Wednesday the use of steroids for the treatment of COVID-19. His only observation is that they should not be used in patients who do not experience major complications from the disease.

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The study, published by JAMAL, used three steroids in 1,700 patients. All three drugs reduced the risk of death. Part of the recommendation is that corticosteroids are the first treatment in patients in serious condition.

The study also revealed that many patients died not from coronavirus but from a overreaction of the immune system to infection. Doctors often formulate certain steroids to relieve inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The steroid with the best results was Dexamethasone, which reduced by 36% deaths 1,282 patients operated on.

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“This shows us that steroids are clearly beneficial in this population and clearly should be prescribed, unless they can’t for some reason, which must be a pretty rare occasion,” said the Dr. Todd Rice, from the medical school of the Vanderbilt University.