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Luis Miguel’s cousins ​​plan to sue him for allegedly covering up the whereabouts of Marcela Basteri

Luis Miguel.

Photo: Steven Lawton / Getty Images

TO Luis Miguel It rains on him from all sides, since now it will be his cousins ​​Flavia, Ada and Ivana Basteri who will file a lawsuit against him.

And it is that, after 34 years of the disappearance of the singer’s mother, Marcela, her nieces decided to find her at any cost and accuse “El Sol” concealment of whereabouts from the Italian.

They want to know where their aunt is. They have the right to take a flower to a grave or to visit her at the supposed hospital where she would be admitted“, Explained Martín Francolino, lawyer for the 3 women, in an interview with an Argentine program.

Two years ago, when the series on the life of Luis Miguel came out, in that Southern Cone country it was said that the singer’s mother was now known as Honorina Montes, who lived on the street.

BY: Elizabeth García

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