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Majority of Republicans and Democrats Favor Sending Second Stimulus Check, Gallup Poll

Political ideas divide them, money unites them …

The majority of Republicans and Democrats consulted in a poll agree on the need for new “economic impact payments.”

Photo: KAREN BLEIER / AFP / Getty Images

Republican and Democratic voters they may have many ideas that divide them politically.

However, in terms of a second round of stimulus checks, the differences narrow.

This is reflected in the results of a Gallup poll, whose results transcended this week in the middle of the roadblock in the United States Congress for the approval of a new economic stimulus package.

The study, conducted between August 3 and 11, measured public support for new aid of this type based on the political inclination of the participants.

The Franklin Templeton-Gallup Economics of Recovery Study concluded that seven out of 10 Americans (70%) favor the government sending new economic impact payments such as those that began to be distributed in April under the CARES Act.

If the results are divided between Democrats and Republicans, 82% of the former favor the distribution of more checks; while in the case of the latter, the figure is 64%.

In the case of independent voters, 66% answered in the affirmative.

As for the amount of a second check, the research showed that two-thirds of Democrats or 68% of those who support new “Economic Impact Payments” think that the outlay for each eligible adult should be $ 900 or more. In the case of Republicans who endorse a new round, 60% consider, equally, that it must be a check for $ 900 or more. Of the independent respondents, 65% answered the same.

Five months into the funds distribution process under the CARES Act, he Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in conjunction with the Treasury Department they have completed the delivery of some 160 million payments. Most of these (or 120 million) were made by direct deposit.

However, at least 10 million taxpayers have yet to receive their money. Most are low-income Americans who do not have to file taxes.

In order to reach these groups and process payments, the IRS enabled the tool known as “Non-filers” through which people can enter their data to facilitate the work of the agency.

Another 4 million taxpayers received payment in the form of a debit card. But this process has also been bumpy since thousands of recipients threw away the mail thinking it was fraudulentto.

As the authorities try to repair all these flaws, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin seeks to set the conditions for Democrats and Republicans to return to the negotiating table to pass a new stimulus package.

Differences on the amount of the measure and the funds that would be allocated to the states keep the parties apart, that are not in sight to meet again until after the Labor Day break. The Senate is currently in legislative recess.

The possibility of a new round of checks being included as part of new legislation is uncertain.

At the moment, the reports suggest that Republicans will present a smaller and more focused economic plan in the coming days.