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TEPJF responds to INE about election sentence in Morena

The Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) told the National Electoral Institute (INE) that it cannot ask what it wants or does not want about certain sentences.

This Monday, INE advisers, in the General Council, expressed their annoyance at the ruling made by the TEPJF in which it ordered the electoral body to carry out the election of Morena to renew its national leadership.

Through the social network Twitter, this Tuesday the Electoral Tribunal announced that respect between State institutions is a substantial part of democracy.

“In relation to the ruling in which the Superior Chamber of #TEPJF determined that the INE carry out the survey to renew the Presidency and the Sec. Gral. De Morena, the following is indicated.

“The #TEPJF confirms that its judgments are in accordance with the law and the Constitution. Likewise, this court cannot ask the INE what it wants and what it does not want to do, or how it should resolve the issues presented before this instance,” the Court explained in the official account.

He added that he is aware of the complexity that the electoral function represents and the workloads that it entails, since it is the daily routine in the organization of elections and therefore the concern that exists is understood.

“We always respect different interpretations of the law, but the legal reasons are already given in the ruling that must be fulfilled.

“The highest court in electoral matters trusts state institutions, such as the INE, which will know how to do its job with care and adherence to its obligations, and will face in a professional manner the challenges that democracy presents,” he said.