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The 2 requests of a bride for her wedding that have caused outrage on social networks

Although it seems like a joke, many took it literally.

Photo: Jeremy Wong / Pexels

Thousands of couples around the world have had to modify or reverse their wedding plans since the coronavirus pandemic began, since attending a massive event increases the chances of getting the virus.

However, there are those who have adapted to what today we call the “new normal”, celebrating weddings, either on-line or, reducing the number of guests to the ceremony to a minimum.

But there is one wedding in particular that has attracted a lot of attention and whose details were shared in a Facebook group called “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming”, which in Spanish means something like “I’m ashamed of the wedding”, where a user shared the invitation that a few days ago, one of her cousins ​​who is about to get married, made him arrive.

In the image of the invitation you can read the following: “Bring your own beer” and “You will have to sign a covid-19 waiver letter.”

Wedding invitation
(Photo: Facebook)

“If you have to make your guests sign a resignation, better run away,” complained the girl, adding that, apparently, the site of her cousin’s wedding is a somewhat clandestine place.

Many users assured that it is not a kind gesture to make such requests on behalf of the bride, much less thinking that at her party she endangers the lives of the guests.