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They invent shoes to prevent diabetic foot

Losing the ability to feel pain in the feet prevents us from taking action against possible damage

He diabetic foot is one of the complications derived from diabetes. This complication encourages the appearance of foot ulcers, but these ulcers could be easily prevented as a result of a recently created invention, as we will see now.

Template technology

A newspaper article Dallas news indicates that a team at UT Southwestern Medical Center have created shoes that can help diabetic patients prevent open wounds or ulcers on the skin. These would be “cooling shoes”.

Dr. Metin Yavuz, Professor of Health Sciences at UT Southwestern, published an article in the Journal of Food & Angle Surgery together with his team in which he points out how the technology developed by them can reduce the temperature of the feet of diabetic patients.

The article notes that its cooling template technology can reduce the temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit by actively pumping cold water through the insoles, which reduces the temperature of the patient’s feet while walking.

How do foot ulcers form?

Foot ulcers in diabetic patients form mainly in those who have lost feeling in their feet. This is a condition that is called diabetic neuropathy.

If the patient loses the ability to feel pain, the skin on your feet can wear away without them knowing and acting against it. One of the causes of this wear is due to the friction that occurs when the foot slides on a surface. This friction generates heat.

The cells of the foot require more oxygen when the temperature rises, but the amount they require is more than the body can supply. Because of this, a breakdown of the tissues of the foot occurs, leading to ulcers.

This makes it clear why the feet of some diabetic patients would require a technology capable of cooling them continuously, which would be a great relief for their Health. These shoes are expected to be available in the next 5 years.