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UN warns of nuclear activity in North Korea

North Korea continues to operate some nuclear facilities and its activities remain “cause for grave concern,” said the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (OEIA).

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“The continuity of the nuclear program of the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a clear violation of relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and it is deeply regrettable, “the IAEA said in an annual report to its members, broadcast to the media on Wednesday.

During the period since its last report in August 2019, the IAEA observed “signals compatible with enriched uranium production” at the Yongbyon nuclear site.

The Vienna-based agency recalled in its report that it did not have access to the Yongbyon site or other locations in North Korea, and bases its analysis on “the information available to it”, such as public information and satellite images.

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On Tuesday, the United States formally warned of North Korea’s ballistic activities, which continue and they continue to pose a “significant threat to regional and global stability.”

In a joint “warning” the US Departments of State, Treasury and Commerce detailed the efforts of the Communist state to acquire material that can be used in the manufacture of missiles.

Following its first ICM tests in 2017, Pyongyang “continued for the past year launching ballistic missiles, violating a series of resolutions of the Security Council of the UN “, according to the American diplomacy.

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