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Wendys will give FREE chicken nuggets to celebrate National Chicken Month

In addition, the company is giving other promotions that will allow you to save more money

This offer will be valid only until September 27

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

September is National Chicken Month, and Wendy’s is offering an offer that you surely won’t pass up.

The hamburger chain is giving free 10 pieces of chicken nuggets in any purchase you make from its app. That is, you can buy a simple cheap drink and take the nuggets at no extra cost, as reported in Thrillist.

This offer will be valid only until September 27.

In addition, inside the Wendy’s app, you can also find offers of $ 2 off any premium combo breakfast, as well as $ 3 off any soft drink. All this added to the new Wendy’s rewards program, where, with every purchase you make, you can earn points to exchange them for gifts.

So now you know, if you really have a craving for chicken or just don’t want to spend a lot on your next lunch, you might consider taking advantage of this promotion. Remember to save a little, it never hurts.

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