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What responsibilities do I have as a pet owner?


Do you know what your responsibilities as a pet owner? If you recently welcomed a ‘furry’ into your family, you must meet their basic needs for diet, health, physical and emotional.

The director of the Animal Care Agency (Agatan) from Mexico City, Carlos Esquivel, who is a zootechnical veterinarian and who collaborates with Ciudad para Pets shared a series of points that responsible owners must comply with.

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  • Give them water in the optimal quantities and conditions inside and outside the home. Your plates should be filled with clean, fresh liquid.
  • When they go out for a walk carry a portable plate and a container with water to prevent them from drinking stagnant water, although they can do so in special waterers for pets.
  • Offer them special food for pets; according to their age and physical characteristics. Preferably consult your veterinarian for the appropriate caloric or branch amount.
  • Proportional the necessary shelter so that they do not get cold, hot or wet with the rain.
  • Enable a appropriate area for them to rest, independent of the area assigned to relieve themselves.
  • Give them the necessary hygiene, you can bathe them or take them to a specialized aesthetic. Brush their teeth and clean their necessities at home.
  • For collect their feces on the street, preferably use environmentally friendly bags.
  • Take care of your health. Keep a record of your vaccination and deworming.
  • Considers sterilize it to have adequate birth control and thus prevent health problems.
  • Educate them so that you facilitate their coexistence with other animals and people.
  • Enable a special area for them to play and get toys, but play with them!
  • Treat them well and give them love, they will reciprocate!

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