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5 cars launched in 2020 that will become classics by 2050

As we all know cars classics, in good condition, with good operation and impeccable aesthetics, they are worth gold, since their price is quoted almost as if they were fresh from the agency or more.

According to the portal Top gearIn general, these types of cars are usually sports vehicles, and in many cases, limited edition. This 2020 some models have come onto the market that have everything to become future classics and here we tell you the top 5 of them.

1. Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

Mercedes-AMG GT Black series 2021. / Photo: Courtesy Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series will be the new member of the Black Series family, the most exclusive and spectacular in the AMG universe.

The previous model, the SLS Black Series, has already appreciated in just 10 years, so it is to be expected that the AMG GT Black Series will follow the same path.

2. Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm. / Photo: Courtesy FCA.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA has everything to become a classic, in fact, we could say that it was already born as a classic, for the mere fact of being an Alfa Romeo, as there is behind a great passion around the brand. However, being a two-seater saloon with a racing spirit, it makes it even more attractive and sought-after, even after the years go by. As if that were not enough, what ensures its title as a classic car is that only 500 numbered units were manufactured, so its exclusivity is certified.

3. BMW M2 CS

BMW M2 CS. / Photo: Courtesy BMW.

Although the BMW M2 CS is not limited in production, which subtracts points for being a hyper-priced classic, for many it is the best M of recent decades, as it is a light, compact, efficient and demanding car at the wheel. Without a doubt, the attributes of this M2 position it as a strong candidate to become a classic.

4. Porsche 911 Speedster

Porsche 911 Speedster. / Photo: Courtesy Porsche.

If there are listed vehicles, these are undoubtedly those of Porsche, especially the 911 Speedster, since with 1,948 copies manufactured, it has a spectacular design, in addition to highlighting its powertrain, consisting of a six-cylinder, naturally aspirated boxer engine , 500 hp and the red line at 9,000 laps. Manual transmission and rear wheel drive.

5. Ferrari Monza

Ferrari Monza SP1.
/ Photo: Courtesy Ferrari.

The world of sports cars would not be the same without a Ferrari Monza, one of the most amazing cars, because it has a vintage touch that seeks to recall the great barchettas of the Mille Miglia of the 50s and 60s that make it even more special. Its minimalist and eccentric design, especially the Monza SP1 with a single seat, is spectacular and its engine, an atmospheric V12 with 820 hp, a true work of engineering art.