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A Ford Bronco, accessory to a marriage proposal in Michigan

Taylor McQueen is a huge fan of the Ford bronco, so when her boyfriend, Daniel Kubistec, pulled a few strings through an uncle who works at Ford for a ride in a new Bronco 2021They stopped in front of the famous train station, he knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend.

Euphoric she answered yes, because she was with the love of her life, an enviable panorama and the majesty of the new 2021 Ford Bronco.

“I was going crazy for the Bronco, so I had an adrenaline rush from that, and then it did not cross my mind what he was going to propose to me,” the enamored girlfriend shared to the media.

According to information from Auto Blog, George Goddu, strategist of Ford EV, was the one who helped arrange the appointment with the Bronco, as the proposal caught the attention of the workers who transformed the previously abandoned train station into something completely different.

“The construction workers at Central Station saw him go by, and they stopped, and when she stood up and hugged him, they saw him and everyone started cheering,” Goddu said. “It was one of the things you see in a movie.”

Now the happy couple are already planning their wedding and of course they are waiting: a 2021 Bronco. “Oh yeah, I already put the money in to get it,” McQueen said.