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Balloon Festival in Guanajuato could be held only with fewer attendees

The International Balloon Festival would take place from November 13 to 16. Photo: Cuartoscuro

LEON, Guanajuato

Only with less audience, is how the International Balloon Festival in Guanajuato, so organizers analyze alternatives and different scenarios, they have even considered the possibility of it being virtual as the International Cervantino Festival.

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According to state authorities, the completion of this could be validated traditionally scheduled event in November, but with a different format due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He International Balloon Festivalwould take place from November 13 to 16, but due to the health contingency the organizers have not confirmed whether the event will take place or is postponed to next year.

The event, is one of the three most important of its kind worldwide in its field, for 19 years it has been carried out uninterruptedly in the Metropolitan park, with more than 200 hot air balloons. In its 2019 edition, it received around half a million visitors.

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