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Can Stress Be The Cause Of Blurred Vision?

Stress can promote the development of blurred vision and extreme sensitivity to light

Excessive stress is a problem that induces alterations in certain processes and organs of the body. This being the case, we can ask ourselves if stress has any effect on the vision blurry. We will address this below.

Stress and anxiety

According to an article on the portal Ophthalvis, there are many problems that can affect visual health, but there are some that stand out from the rest, being them anxiety and stress fostered by today’s lifestyle.

According to the National Institute of Statistics of Spain, 40% of Spaniards have a established diagnosis of anxiety. On the other hand, experts point out that 40% of Spaniards suffer or will suffer in their life a strong episode of anxiety.

Both anxiety and stress can negatively affect our eyesight, promoting disturbances such as flashes, blurred vision, and excessive sensitivity to light. In other terms, our mood can negatively impact our visual health.

Stress and blurred vision

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Blurred vision occurs when the eye cannot focus properly, making the object we are observing and its surroundings appear blurry from our perspective.

This occurs because nervousness, whether manifested as anxiety or stress, incites a increased blood pressure and hyperventilation of the body, which prevents the eyes from exercising their function properly.

Occasionally, hyperventilation of the body can lead to possible fainting, so you must be very attentive.

Indeed, there is a relationship between stress and blurred vision, although it is not the only way the Health Ocular can be affected by excessive stress. This is important to know because it provides an explanation for this eye problem.