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‘Double Diamond’, the ram of 400,000 euros

It is the perfect ram: it has a very muscular torso, a perfect head and a mantle of golden hair. All these attributes have earned Double diamond (“Double Diamond”) the record sum of 350,000 guineas (about 414,180 euros) in a competitive auction in Lanark, near Glasgow (UK) on August 28. The figure is the highest paid for a copy in the world, pick up the newspaper The Guardian.

Three breeders have come together to buy the six-month-old copy. One of them, Jeff Aiken, had been eyeing him for weeks. The sheep is “a business like any other, such as horse racing or livestock,” says the co-owner of Double Diamond. “Every now and then something special comes up and yesterday [por el día 28 de agosto], a very special specimen of the Texel breed emerged “, he assures. The breed, originally from the island of the same name off the coast of the Netherlands, is highly appreciated and usually reaches five-digit figures. This time, the specimen deserved add one more.

The ram, raised in the British county of Chesire, attracted so much interest before the auction that Aiken partnered with another breeder to join forces in the bidding. Yet another joined the duo. In front of them, other breeding professionals also formed groups to get stronger during the auction. The previous record for the sale of a ram was in 2009, when a copy was sold, Deveronvale Perfection, for 230,000 pounds (258,627 euros at the current exchange rate), picks up CNN.

The fate of Double diamond will be the stallion. They will mate her with females charging for the mating and, as she grows, they will collect her sperm to use in artificial insemination.