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Follower accuses Un Nuevo Día of deleting message from Alicia Machado

“I didn’t delete it,” Alicia Machado said about a comment she made on the Instagram of Un Nuevo Día

The morning show of Telemundo, A new day, gave the news this morning that perhaps the singer Luis Miguel face a new legal battle. Supposedly some nieces of his mother, Marcela basteri, they say that it keeps the information and details of the death of the same. They would be willing to take a DNA test if necessary to verify that they are relatives of the lady Basteri and know the full story, which is a great mystery to this day.

However, that was not the news on the show’s Instagram account. It was the ex miss Universe Alicia machado and a comment he wrote on the wall where he said that basically “They will talk about something else”. Minutes later, the comment was deleted but very late, as several followers had already read. Even many accused the Venezuelan of having deleted it, but everything indicates that they were the ones who manage the account of the television program.

“Cónchale did not finish reading Alicia Machado’s comment, I missed the last part, why would I delete it, she is like Carmen Salinas, she gets into everything” and “And what happened to @machadooficial’s comment ??? They deleted it … ?? They are the latest… we want to hear from James…. I think today is my last day with UND … bye … Ciao … Good luck, you need it … “, were some of the comments that could be read regarding what he would have written Alicia.

To which she replied: “I did not delete it!”.

The truth is that this was left there and neither the program, nor Alicia machado they manifested more about it. Here we will leave you the publication of A new day where you can read the comments that we mentioned and some more so that you can draw your own conclusions.