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How to prevent mobile apps from knowing my exact location

There are two ways to do it. Here we tell you how. Photo: special


It is very common for apps ask permission to get your location, but there are some that forcefully ask you to be able to function.

For prevent them from knowing your exact location there is a trick, which we will teach you next.

Who has iPhone with iOS 14 and later they can stop reporting their precise location, that is, they may have an approximate, but they will not be able to mark you in a specific area.

There are two ways to do it. The first is the moment the app asks you to know your location. When it shows you the activation screen, select if you want it to be accurate or not.

However, if you have already given permission but want to change the option, you must go to ‘setting‘from the cell phone and then to the part of’Privacy‘.

Then select ‘Location services‘.

Now choose the application you want.

Go to the bottom and deactivate the option of ‘Exact location‘.

Once this is done select all the applications you want and change the settings.

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