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How weight reduction works with the intragastric balloon

The use of the intragastric balloon must be accompanied by changes in the patient’s lifestyle

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He intragastric balloon It is a medical resource that is used in patients who want to lose weight without resorting to the usual methods for it. Next we will talk about how the intragastric balloon achieves its objective and its possible implications for the Health.

What is the intragastric balloon?

The Mayo Clinic indicates that the intragastric balloon is a silicone balloon filled with saline solution. This intragastric balloon works by limit the amount of food we can consume, allowing us to feel full more quickly.

The use of the intragastric balloon is aimed at people who have not been able to lose weight through exercise or a weight loss diet, so it is a last resort that is generally very effective.

The use of the intragastric balloon implies a commitment by patient, that he must apply changes in his life so that the results achieved with the ball are prolonged in time. These changes involve the diet and physical activity.

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How is the intragastric balloon placed?

The placement of the intragastric balloon is performed in the endoscopic unit as an outpatient procedure. You will be anesthetized before starting.

In the surgery, the doctor will push a thin tube down your throat (probe) that contains the intragastric balloon. Then you will enter the endoscope into the stomach down the throat. The endoscope has a camera with which the doctor can see the balloon as he fills it with saline.

The procedure usually takes half an hour. If everything goes well, you can go home an hour or two after the operation.

He intragastric balloon It should be considered a last resort, that is, its use should be limited to very specific cases where the reduction in body weight has not been achieved with the usual means.