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It goes from ‘Exatlón’ to ‘Guerreros 2020’ by UniMas and Televisa

‘Exatlón’ and ‘Guerreros 2020’ share competitors.

Photo: Telemundo / Univision / Courtesy

Warriors 2020”Is the sports competition that happens every night on UniMas in the United States and on Channel 5 of Televisa in Mexico. The program produced by Magda Rodriguez is already in its final weeks and to compete with the return of “Exatlon Mexico”A new element has been added to the TV Azteca screens.

It’s about the diver Rommel pacheco which was in the first season of the reality show in its Mexican version. The athlete was a guest on Rodriguez’s program to do various challenges alongside the athletes who compete every day.

This week “Exatlón México” returned with a new season where there are participants from the multiple seasons they have had over the years. To boost the audience Magda brought in a former participant from “Exatlón” and arouse interest in her show.

It is worth mentioning that in “Guerreros”, the captain of the Cobras is Maky, who was also in the first season of “Exatlón México”. Then there is Nano, who also competed against Pacheco and they had differences during the competition.

“Guerreros 2020” airs every night on UniMas in the United States and Channel 5 in Mexico.