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New York lost 1.3 million jobs since last summer: double the national average

Loneliness over the pandemic in Manhattan

Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy

From July 2019 to 2020, employment in the NYC area fell 13.6% and the hotel industry was particularly affected, according to the latest report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

That translates into a loss of 1.3 million jobs during those 12 months. The statistical area of ​​the office of New York-New Jersey includes several surrounding counties in those states, plus Pike in Pennsylvania.

The 13.6% drop in employment in the region was almost double the national average (7.7%) during the same period, he cited NBC News.

The industries of leisure and hospitality of the region lost 439,800 jobs in that period, affected mainly by the cessation of tourism, cultural and sporting events, and limitations on restaurants.

Amid the crisis, Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned for weeks that New York will be forced to take “very dramatic action” if the state does not receive $ 30 billion from the federal government.