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Samuel Sénéchal returns to autofiction – l’hebdo journal

Five years after the publication of Figurations, the Trifluvian author Samuel Sénéchal returns to autofiction and has fun playing with the border between reality and fiction in his new novel entitled Breaks.

In this second part of a series of five books that he wants to self-publish every five years, Samuel Sénéchal looks back on the last five years.

“It’s the same character as in 2015. At the end of Figurations, the narrator was about to finish his studies and was hired at Cégep. It allowed me to take stock of the past five years, but I’m far from being in the spotlight. I have a strong sense of self-deprecation, ”underlines the author.

This time around, the narrator experiences a lot of professional and artistic dissatisfaction.

“It’s cliché to say that, but seriously, this novel was not easy to write,” says Samuel Sénéchal. It hurt to write. I was not in my best time and I questioned myself a lot, especially about my professional life, but I also had existential questions. As I was writing, I was afraid that the subject would become heavy. ”

Despite everything, the black humor, the cynicism and the satirical side which characterize, among other things, his writing style emerge from the novel. He also worked more on the dialogues so that they are as impactful as the narration.

“I also allowed myself more colors in the language, which I deprived myself of doing, as if I was afraid of not being taken seriously in my beginnings, when I launched my publishing house”, he emphasizes.

However, the author has had some great victories in recent years. His children’s novel, aimed at teenagers, got a good response from the public and some schools added it to their program. The book also had to be reprinted.

“It’s hard to release a book this year, agrees Samuel Sénéchal. I feel that with the current situation, all that will have to be rebuilt. I mostly made myself known by attending various events and meeting people, but those events were all canceled due to COVID-19. ”

The novel Ruptures is available for purchase online at