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Second round of stimulus checks: Here’s everything we know about the negotiations and a possible payment before October 1

President Trump supports a payment of $ 1,200, said Steve Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury.

Democrats and the White House have a budget gap for a new law of at least a trillion dollars.

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There is still hope that Americans will receive a second stimulus check at the end of September but the White House and the Democrats need to close their differences on the bill on the issue of the trillion dollar budget.

On August 20, the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosispoke for the first time since conversations about a new coronavirus aid package that stalled on August 7. Both parties know that a comprehensive project agreement is needed and Pelosi stands firm and said it still exists. a difference of $ 900 billion in project costs by both parties.

Democrats are willing to go down to $ 2.2 trillion, a decrease in $ 1.2 trillion of cost estimate of the Health Emergency Solutions and Economic Recovery Act, the HEROES Law which was approved by the House of Representatives in May.

While the president Donald trump is willing to raise the estimated cost of the Health, Financial Assistance, Liability Protection and Schools Act, known as the HEALS Act, Meadows told reporters last Friday that the president you are looking to sign a project with a budget of at least $ 1.3 billion.

According to Pelosi a package that costs less than $ 2.2 trillion “It will not be enough to meet the needs of American workers and families,” in addition to sending children back to school safely and successfully conducting more COVID-19 tests. Pelosi has urged Republicans to “come to the table and accept our lowest offer” in an interest of saving “the lives and livelihoods of the American people.”

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While Republicans have a majority in the Senate and the Democrats keep control in the House of Representatives, it means that both parties have to work together to pass new legislation. One of the few items on the agenda that Democrats and the White House agree on is the control of stimuli.

“The president supports exactly the same amount of money that was turned in during the first round of checks. There are some minor changes to allow more people to receive it … and in discussions with Democrats they have agreed on that concept, ”said the Secretary of the Treasury. Steve Mnuchin to journalists on August 1, as reported by the New York Times.

If the White House and Democrats can reach an agreement that includes a new round of stimulus checks, and if the House and Senate pass a package that Trump can sign, people could get paid “very, very quickly,” he said. Mnuchin.

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Republican and Democratic leaders face pressure from their party members to reach an agreement, and an agreement may be reached in September. However, conducting a vote in the Senate will not likely occur until after Labor Day, when senators return from their August recess.

According to the deadline given by the Secretary of the Treasury before the Subcommittee of the House of Representatives on the Coronavirus Crisis, the package would have to be finalized, approved and signed by the president before September 21 so that any citizen can see a payment before the October 1st.

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