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The story of a priest in Lisbon who bought 19 cars with alms from the church

Antonio Teixeira, a former priest from Lisbon, Portugal, who was assigned to the Iglesia del Santo Condestável in Lisbon, is charged by the alleged diversion of thousands of euros obtained through alms in the church, as well as the bank accounts of two temples, with which he bought, among other things, 19 cars.

According to information from The reason, the priest allegedly committed the acts in the church of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios de Carcavelos and the parish of Santo Condestável de Lisboa; which is why he will now have to face a legal trial that will begin on September 15.

According to local sources, Teixeira, 54, is suspected of having kept the money given by the faithful to the two parishes, with which he bought the cars, including two Volkwagen and three Mercedes Benz.

ID.3 / Photo: Courtesy Volkswagen.

However, it is not the only charge attributed to the priest, as he is also accused of having disposed of 20 pieces of sacred art without the knowledge of the diocese.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry of Portugal, the economic damage caused to the church amounts to 420 thousand euros, that is, around $ 497.23 dollars.