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The ugliest “Ferrari” in history

Have a Ferrari is the dream of many lovers ofcarsWell, we would all like to drive behind the wheel of a vehicle of this size and feel the adrenaline rush. However, the high cost of these jewels is sometimes an impediment to getting one of them, although not for everyone, since there are those who transform their current vehicle and modify it to such a degree that it makes it look like a Ferrari, although also sometimes the result is not what is expected.

That is the case of a Pontiac fiero, whose owners decided to transform the original appearance of the car to transform it into an authentic Ferrari enzo and is now being sold to the highest bidder on the Cars & Bids auction platform.

According to information from Motorpassion, It was in the summer of 2015 when the members of the YouTube channel CAR BROS bought the Pontiac Fiero on eBay, and four years later, they thought it would be a good idea to take it to the Quail Motorsports Gathering framed in Monterey Car Week.

Something that we know if it is good or bad, is that the car took the first prize in the Concours d’Lemons the World’s Worst Car Show, as in Jay Leno’s Garage, despite its “success”, the owners have decided to put it up for sale through the online auction portal.

It should be noted that the car is not entirely a “jewel”, as it has badly aligned panels and questionable shapes, rivets along the length and width of its appearance, four misaligned exhaust outlets, headlights and turn signals They do not work, the rear “gate” does not close, the mechanism that opens its scissor doors “is not reliable”, several of its panels are scratched and rusted, and, in addition, its mileage points to be higher than 148,873 miles, is say about 239,588 kilometers.

Under the hood hides a 2.8-liter L44 V6 that yields 142 hp and 230 Nm, something far removed from the Enzo’s 660 hp. As if all of the above were not enough to discourage potential buyers, the Ferrari phony has not passed the emissions tests required by the state of California, so whoever buys it will not be able to circulate with it unless they invest a good amount of money to make it decent.